Head of Department

Mr J Peden

Subject Teachers

Miss H Armstrong

Why study Latin?

This subject gives you the opportunity to study the civilisation, language and literature of ancient Rome. At GCSE and A level you will begin reading the works of famous authors such as Virgil, Ovid, Cicero and Tacitus. You will experience elements of the culture, language and social and political life of the Roman civilisation which has inspired many later generations. As well as being exciting and inspiring, this course helps you develop your analytical skills and intellectual flexibility which will be useful in a wide range of jobs or in further study.

Latin is compulsory for all pupils in Year 8, and may be followed through to GCSE and A Level. Classical Civilisation is offered as a fresh start GCSE subject in Year 11 and may be followed through to A Level.


In the Classics Department we aim to:

  • encourage an awareness of the influence of the Latin Language on English and other languages
  • develop, at an appropriate level, competence in the Latin Language
  • encourage an analytical approach to language by seeing English in relation to a language of a different structural type
  • develop an aesthetic appreciation of literature in a foreign language
  • help pupils to form and express opinions about the customs and literature of the Graeco-Roman world
  • encourage an analytical understanding of foreign cultures and value systems
  • raise awareness of employment opportunities to which Classics may contribute

Why study Classical Civilisation?

The study of Classical Civilisation allows you to look at many aspects of the classical world which are significant in the development of the modern world. Classical Civilisation complements many other popular subject choices including Art, Drama and Theatre Studies, English Literature, Government and Politics, History, History of Art and Philosophy - as well as the study of the classical languages.

Key Stage 3

Year 8   Cambridge Latin Course Book 1

Year 9   Cambridge Latin Course Book 2

Year 10  Cambridge Latin Course Book 3

Key Stage 4

We study the OCR GCSE Latin specification and the OCR GCSE Classical Civilisation specification. 

AS and A Level

We study the OCR GCE Latin specification and the AQA GCE Classical Civilisation specification.