January 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian

Friends of Regent House is not only a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), but also now a registered charity attached to Regent House School.  Our purpose is to support the school through fundraising to enhance the experience of every pupil in the school and also to build a community between teacher, parent and pupil.

As you know funding is difficult in all sectors, including education, and schools are finding it increasingly difficult to find funding from their already overstretched budgets for anything other than the key priority areas.  Friends of Regent House work closely with teaching staff to identify areas where our fundraising can have the maximum impact.  Recently we have helped the Sports, Music and Prep Departments alongside the recent improvement in emergency medical response through the purchase of defibrillators.  This academic year the School requires help to procure at least one minibus.  The minibuses which are working, are now aged stock and require significant maintenance which is draining school funds.  We have agreed to stretch ourselves this year and raise funding to support this worthwhile cause and would really appreciate your help.

Please find enclosed with this letter a booklet of ballot tickets.  As you can see we have had some extremely generous prizes donated from friends of the school.  We hope that this ballot will put our fundraising for the minibus off to a very healthy start.  As the minibuses are widely used by all areas of school it is likely that almost every pupil will benefit from the purchase of a new bus.

There is an envelope enclosed for the returned ballots/stubs and the cash.  When returning this envelope please ensure to complete the information on the front.

Please return any unsold ballot tickets as we need to keep a track of the numbers.

With almost 1600 pupils attending the school we hope that this Fund Raising Drive can achieve its goal within this academic year.  The pupils will be able to track our progress visually in reception.  Our target is £25,000.

Thank you in anticipation

Friends of Regent House