Dear Year 12 Parent/ Guardian,

 Since the beginning of this academic year we have been tracking pupil behaviours and approach to work using a new system which allows us to better analyse pupil performance. The evidence this has generated indicates significant organisation issues within the current Year 12 pupil cohort. Already we have witnessed 145 occasions (114 of which are from the boys) of pupils failing to submit homework and 51 occasions of poor preparation for class. This, aligned with Year 11 Summer examination results and the GCSE modular results in English and Mathematics, has triggered a review of how we best support pupils to ensure their academic progress is not hampered by poor organisation. For comparison purposes our Year 13 cohort has only failed to submit homework on 18 occasions this year.

 Throughout Year 12 Form Tutors will carefully monitor how pupils use their homework diaries to ensure work set is being recorded accurately. Whilst we want our students to develop high levels of independence, we would ask for your support with this by also checking the homework diaries and that the work is being completed. We will also continue to administer signings for missed homework and poor organisation so you will be made aware if your son or daughter is having difficulties in this area. Our reporting system will also provide you with formal academic feedback in November, February and April alongside the Parents Evening on the 21st February. Over the next few weeks we may also invite you to come into school to meet with a member of senior staff to discuss concerns we have already identified. We will do this again after each reporting session.

Over the course of this year you should see your son or daughter complete approximately 2-3 hours of homework/revision each evening and 3-4 hours at the weekend. Revision should be continuous throughout the year and should primarily focus on the completion of past paper style questions which are freely available on exam board websites. Please discourage inactive revision strategies.

I have in the past expressed concerns regarding Study Leave prior to public examinations. My experience tells me that this critical period has a very significant impact on pupil outcomes. Poorly organised pupils struggle to structure their day to ensure they complete enough effective daily revision (approximately 7 hrs from 9am to 5pm - the “Office Day”). To help ensure all our pupils complete enough revision we will be changing the Study Leave provision this year. Students who demonstrate throughout the year that they can successfully work independently will be offered the opportunity to study at home, or in school, during the Study Leave period. Those students who do not demonstrate the independence to cope with this will be provided with a structured, and supervised, revision programme here in school from 8.50 am to 3.20pm each weekday. We will identify the appropriate students by examining all performance and organisation data gathered throughout the year.

 With your continued support we are confident these measures will help improve pupil organisation and outcomes. If you would like to discuss this in more detail then please feel free to contact me at the school on 91813234 or via email on


 Michael Carville