Dear Parent/Guardian,
The relationship between your child’s school and you, as parents, is an important one. When parents are involved in their children's schools, children often look upon their own school experience more favourably. We are very fortunate that many of you kindly contribute your time and efforts to enhance the experience of many pupils in Regent House beyond your own child. 

We are taking this opportunity to communicate with you in order to see if there is any way in which you may wish to contribute towards our school community beyond the support that you already provide. 

By clicking on the link below, you will gain access to a short survey. We would ask that you take a few minutes to complete it if you feel that there is any way that you may be able to contribute to the wide and varied nature of school life. This could include assisting in careers interviews, offering trade services or using contacts to enhance the learning experience of our pupils inside or outside of the classroom.

Please note that the final question in the survey, requesting feedback on the most appropriate start time for evening events in the school, has been added as part of our ongoing evaluation of how we communicate with parents. We would appreciate you taking the time to respond to this question even if you feel none of the previous questions applies to you. 

Michael Carville