Each year the Drama Department performs a senior play in the first term. The junior Drama club is led by Sixth Form Drama & Theatre students who love passing on their drama knowledge and skills to upcoming thespians.

The Importance of Drama & the Arts

McAvoy’s curtain call to boost drama in schools

This headline in The Sunday Times points out the value of the Arts in school. 

James McAvoy, star of Atonement and X-Men First Class said “I think that the arts is one of the biggest things that you can do to help inspire confidence in people so that they can compete on any level; so that they can walk into a room and own it and go, ‘Yeah. I’m the best, give me a job.’  And so much of that can be given to you by the arts.”

Performance subjects like Music and Drama foster presentation skills and self-confidence, and are a lot of fun.

Comedy Of Errors

“It was a huge risk to jettison the musicals in favour of the Bard, but what fun we had grooving to the 70s beats in the Artemis Café. The lead ‘twins’ Ryan Robson-Bluer and Jonny Hammond, and Anna Guest and Lana Smart, were hilarious, ably supported by long-suffering sisters played by the talented Leah Francis and Poppy Courtney-Lee. For those of a certain age, it was a rip-roaring ride down memory lane.” – E Allen (Director)

Sound Of Music

“What a blast we had with our in-the-round staging of this iconic piece of your childhood. Ryan Robson-Bluer and Abigail Carson were outstanding as the leads, and unlike Christopher Plummer, we didn’t have to dub over Ryan’s voice with a better singer. The children were much more dynamic than those in the movie, and Ben Redden as Rolf and Jeremy Mottram as Uncle Max, brought sweetness and menace, and humour and charm respectively. What a treat to hear Hannah Hewitt’s barn-storming ‘Climb Every Mountain’.” – E Allen (Director)


“This was my second production of the Oliver Twist story, staged a decade after the first. This time it was the full production, again ably led by Musical Director Wilson Shields. What a cast I had with Ben Redden as fabulous Fagin and Jannah Bell as a heart-breaking Nancy. Little Oliver, played by newcomer to Year 8, Joshua Reid, was a revelation. A huge thank you to assistant director Mrs Ruth Morrison for all her years of devotion to school productions. Enjoy your retirement!” – E Allen (Director)

Fiddler on the Roof

"From the moment Matthew Gordon walked into the first rehearsal in September and spoke in Tevye’s voice, I knew the show was going to be a success.  I’m a huge fan of Paul Michael Glazer (Perchik in the 1971 movie and Tevye in the 2013 touring show), but in Matthew Gordon I found a better Tevye, and in Aaron Sloan I discovered a better Perchik.  The principals were a dream to work with, and the chorus did not have one weak link.  A big thanks Mrs McCann on her first play as Costume Mistress." - E Allen (Director)

Pygmalion and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Les Miserables and James and the Giant Peach

Great Expectations And Robin Hood