Head of Department

Mr M Lowry

Subject Teachers

Mrs C Bailie (P/T)
Mrs C Murphy (P/T)
Mrs L Shields (P/T)
Mrs H Armstrong
Miss A Benson (Key Stage 3 only)


At Regent House, we aim to provide pupils with a wide range of transferable skills through studying events that happened in the past. We aim to develop:

•    The ability to communicate both orally and in written form
•    Problem solving and decision making through analysing evidence
•    Management of information basing conclusions on research
•    The ability to work with others through a range of activities
•    Self management through the completion of short project work 

Key Stage 3

History is studied from Years 8 - 10 during three periods per week. 

Topics studied are as follows:

Year 8

  • The skills we need as historians

  • The Normans:

  • Invasion of England

  • Castles & weapons

  • Invasion of Ireland

  • Black Death

  • Life in Norman times

  • How History helps us in careers

Year 9

  • Exploration and Colonisation

  • The English Reformation

  • Anglo Spanish Rivalry in the 16th century

  • Colonisation in Ireland in the 17th century

  • James I and Charles I

  • Oliver Cromwell

  • Williamite Wars in Ireland

  • How History helps us in careers

Year 10

  • Causes and Consequences of the First World War

  • Case Study: The Rise of Hitler

  • Atomic bomb

  • Black Civil Rights in USA

  • Case Study: the Presidency of JFK

  • Divided Ireland

  • Famous Entrepreneurs from Ireland

  • How History helps us in careers

Key Stage 4

Pupils follow the CCEA GCSE History specification. 

The most important quality for historians to possess is an inquisitive mind and a desire to research and examine evidence. GCSE History will provide students with the opportunity to explore important periods from the 20th century that have shaped our world. Discussion in class will lead to the development of written communication skills.

The specification includes three Units and a Controlled Assessment.
Course content is as shown:

• Modern World Studies in depth

Life in Nazi Germany, 1933–45

Changing Relations: Northern Ireland and its Neighbours, 1965–98

• Outline study

International Relations, 1945–2003

A Level

The department offer two subjects at A Level: History and Government and Politics.


Government and Politics

Pupils follow the CCEA GCE History specification. From September 2016, the options followed have been: 

Pupils follow the CCEA GCE Government and Politics specification. The options followed are:




History and Government and Politics is a subject which is studied by pupils who wish to progress on to a wide variety of careers. The skills that are developed which include research skills, how to organise information, communication and writing skills, how to construct an argument and problem solving lend themselves to a wide variety of careers including:

  • Administration

  • Politics

  • Banking

  • Journalism

  • Law

  • Teaching

  • TV & Media

Very often, students who wish to pursue a career in the natural sciences also study Government and Politics as it develops the skills listed above.