Collect your results

Collect your GCSE results from Regent House
on 22 August 2019.


Review your results

Compare your results to the sixth form entry criteria:

  • a minimum of six passes at Grade C or higher in full GCSE subjects

  • a score of at least 12 points, based on the following equivalences:

Full GCSE Courses:  A*=4,  A=3,  B=2,  C=1

Short GCSE Courses: A*/A=2,  B=1,  C=0


Return to School Interview

Attend a return to school interview to discuss subject choice and sign a sixth form contract.


Meet minimum requirements

You must meet the specific requirements for each subject you wish to study. These are set out in the Sixth Form Subject Choice booklet and are summarised on the Curriculum Overview page.


Choose one subject from each column

You must be able to choose one subject from at least three of the four columns of subjects offered by the school. See the Sixth Form Subject Choice booklet for full details.


Do you have less than 15 GCSE points?

If you have less than 15 GCSE points we recommend you select three AS level subjects.

If you choose to study three AS subjects you cannot drop a subject during the year and you commit to studying these three subjects for two years.


Do you have 15 GCSE points or more?

If you have at least 15 points you should select four AS level subjects.

If you choose to study four AS subjects you may choose to drop one of these subjects during year 13.


Choose carefully

Consider your subject choices carefully.

If you are in any doubt, seek advice from a member of our Careers Department.