Pancake Tuesday!

Pancake Tuesday!

Prep 3 celebrated Pancake Tuesday today by making pancakes! The pancakes were delicious, it was very tricky deciding what toppings to choose from. We have attached our pancake recipe so that you can make pancakes at home.

Prep 3’s Pancake Recipe


  1. 450g Soda Bread Flour
  2. 4 Eggs
  3. 170g Caster Sugar
  4. 500ml Butter Milk
  5. 1 Egg Cup of Vegetable Oil


  1. Sieve the flour and sugar into a large bowl
  2. Add four eggs
  3. Add the milk and oil, then mix
  4. Beat the mixture well until smooth
  5. Grease the pan (have the pan hot)
  6. Pour one large spoonful of the mixture onto the pan
  7. Allow to cook until bubbles appear and burst, flip over and cook other side
  8. Add the toppings and enjoy