By Erin Kendrick 10B

I filmed A Christmas Star during November and December 2014. After weeks of preparation, we kicked things off by shooting the closing scene of the film at the Belfast City Hall Christmas Lights switch-on. Filming that particular scene, in front of almost 12,000 people, was definitely one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. The atmosphere was electric and from the moment we walked on stage until the moment when Richard - the director, yelled “That’s a wrap”, we all knew that we were part of something very exciting.

 The next three weeks were both challenging and rewarding. There were many early starts and late finishes and sometimes the weather didn’t do us any favours. In fact, sometimes it was so cold that the wardrobe department had to give me hot water bottles for my coat and hand warmers for my pockets to keep me warm. However, you would have no idea that we were all freezing when you see the film on screen.

 I always started my day on set with breakfast, whether it was from the hotel in which I was staying or a bacon butty from the food-bus on set. Normally my call time was around 9 in the morning, so a car or a minibus would come around 8.15 to pick me up and bring me and other members of the cast to set. When I arrived, I would go to the makeup and wardrobe trailer, which was one of my favourite parts of the day. Once I was camera-ready, I would normally sit and run through my lines with the other actors until I was called to do my scene.

 I have been acting since I was seven and those experiences really helped me on the set of A Christmas Star. I was prepared for the repetition of scenes and the waiting around for camera set up. It also meant that I was able to understand what the crew were saying as they speak a language of abbreviations.

When I filmed my final scene, the cast and crew gave me a huge round of applause. I knew that I was going to miss everyone very much but I know that I will see them all soon at the premiere on the 4th November.

 When people ask me how to “get into” acting, my first piece of advice would be to get involved with Cinemagic. They are making films and training young people like me and you to work in the film industry. They offer master classes, workshops and film events and there is something for everyone. So if you are serious about wanting to be part of the film industry, I recommend Cinemagic as your first port of call.