The Green Club is run by Mrs McCullough. Our senior leader is Stephanie McHenry from year 14, helped by Craig Stewart, Amber Harrison-Smith and sometimes Freya Palmer-Baker.

We agree a schedule of what we need to achieve each month and then we try to work through it. Activities include gardening, learning about plants and sorting out problem areas around the school. We planted out pots to improve the quad area and we weeded and planted bulbs and plants in the beds as well.

We have good fun and are now not afraid of worms at all. If it is a very wet day we will stay inside to work but if it’s dry we prefer to be outside. We always finish our day with juice and chocolate biscuits!

We take it in turns to clean out and look after our terrapins, Zeus and Daphne. They are great fun and can move really fast when they get out for a walk. Sometimes we have to search for them behind the art folders in A1 and we have to be really careful not to stand on them. 

Three years ago we planted trees mostly around the perimeter of the school but the men who cut the grass mow them down as well as the protectors so we are just trying to replace the ones in the strip down in front of the teachers cars and get them established. Mr Clark kindly gave us stronger supports that the men with the lawnmowers have trouble running over. Some of them are getting quite big now. 

Mrs McCullough brought 10 eggs from her farm and an incubator for them to hatch in. We placed the eggs in the incubator and set it at the correct temperature. After three weeks, four of the eggs had hatched, and so we had some cute fluffy chicks! Every-one in green club named them. They grew really fast and when they started to fly out of the box Mrs. McCullough took them home with her and they are still all alive and well!