European Day of Languages occurs on 26th September every year. Regent House Prep pupils intend to join in the celebration this year.

Each class has chosen one European country to focus on. Please see the list below:

P1 – Germany
P2 – Italy
P3 – Holland
P4 – France
P5 – Spain
P6 – Ireland
P7 – Poland

We intend to start the day with a special assembly when the children will hear about flags and national costumes, traditional food and European folktales. Teachers may even attempt to dazzle with their linguistic skills!

The children will also be encouraged to join the celebrations by bringing in traditional food from their chosen European Country. We hope to set up ‘international food stalls’ in the dining hall around break time on Friday 25th September. The pupils will be involved in decorating and running their stall and all will be invited to sample the produce. 

I would remind you that Regent House is a nut free school. Please make your child’s class teacher aware of any allergies and feel free to provide an alternative snack for your child.

On this day the children may come to school dressed in the colours of the flag of the country corresponding to his/her class choice. For example a red t-shirt or a blue scarf would suffice.

We hope your child enjoys these celebrations!