Dear Parent

Welcome to a new school year.  I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer holiday!  Below is a list of after school clubs for this autumn term and attached is a yearly overview of clubs on offer.

Relevant closure dates have been included on the overview.  Several new clubs are due to commence this year and we hope the pupils will enjoy the variety of experiences. 

This year’s Dance Team will be coached by former Prep pupil Charlotte Ballantine.  Charlotte is sixteen years old and is about to embark on her A-levels at Regent House.  

Charlotte intends to make ballet/dance her career.  She is currently studying RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Grade 8 and vocational intermediate exams in ballet, jazz and hiphop.  She assists her ballet teachers, taking younger pupils at The Dance Studio in Bangor where she is a pupil.

Charlotte has high hopes for Regent Prep Dance Team!  Over the last couple of years the senior school has taken part in NICMAC (the Northern Ireland Creative Movement and Aerobic Championships) and the Ulster Schools Dance Competitions.  This year Charlotte aims to send a team from the Prep to compete against other primary schools across Northern Ireland. 

She wants to encourage boys and girls from Prep 4 -7 to sign up.  There is a lot of talent in the Prep that should be showcased! Most importantly, Charlotte wants to make Dance Team exciting, enjoyable and energetic!

If you have any queries about clubs, or other matters, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,


Natasza Rudewicz (Ms)
Head of Preparatory Department