How to Apply

Parents who wish their son or daughter to be considered for a place in the Preparatory Department are asked to complete an application form which is available for download, or from the school office.

Admissions Criteria

In the event of an application exceeding the maximum number of places available (24 places in Key Stage 1, 26 places in Key Stage 2), the following criteria will be applied in order (1 - 9).

  1. Sibling is already enrolled in the Preparatory Department
  2. Sibling of former Preparatory Department pupils
  3. Parent is a former pupil of the Preparatory Department
  4. Parent is a member of staff
  5. Sibling is already attending the Secondary Department
  6. Sibling of former Secondary Department pupil
  7. Parent is a former pupil of Regent House Secondary Department
  8. Eldest child
  9. Other applicants in order of date of application 

Parents will be offered a place for their son or daughter well in advance of the September starting date following a consultation with the Prep 1 teacher.

Parents should be aware that:

  • Admission to the Preparatory Department does not guarantee admission to the Secondary Department
  • It is not school policy to admit pupils to the Prep 7 year
  • Final decisions about admission to the Preparatory Department are made by the Head of Department in consultation with the Headmaster and the Board of Governors and will take into account the needs of individual pupils and the resource provision within the school.