Our Habitat for Humanity group met their fellow volunteers from St Louise’s Comprehensive College during an information session held at Regent House.  All pupils (and Mrs Aiken) are now looking forward to their ‘Big Build’ day on Thursday 22nd October in Lurgan where they shall be renovating vacant premises to provide temporary accommodation for those in need.

By Megan Whiteside

An Insight into the Natural Habitat of Habitat Humanity

On Wednesday 14th October, the Year 13 Habitat for Humanity group had the pleasure of participating in an information session held at Regent House where they gracefully welcomed their fellow volunteers from St Louise’s Comprehensive College.
The groups aim is to raise money to build houses for those who live in poverty, not only in the UK, but throughout Europe. Forced to reluctantly extract themselves from their warm and cosy beds, the hard working members of Habitat substituted their day off with various ice breaker games before the build.

For example, each was given a card of a character they had to pretend to be; such as a Muslim immigrant or a successful import/export business owner, and take a step forward if their character could advance through a certain situation, such as a job, without any hurdles. This reflected the views of our so called ‘multi-cultural’ society. This emotive experience encouraged these pupils to consider those left behind with no opportunities just because they are deprived in life of what comes natural to most.

Habitat raised £223 selling out every bun, cake and biscuit before senior break ended in a bun sale held at junior and senior break on Friday 9th October. Another two delightful bun sales will take place at the junior play and spring concert. Don’t disappoint! Buy one of their scrumptious buns and show your support!