The amazing annual Senior SU weekend took place from 16th to 18th October in Castlewellan Castle.  All who were there enjoyed lovely weather, great teaching (on ‘What is Love?’ as described in 1 Corinthians chapter 13) from Rachel Kirker of Scripture Union N Ireland, and too much chocolate! Dramatic talents were on display on Friday evening, and Saturday’s ‘Castlewellan’s Got Talent’ gave the pupils (as well as Mr Purvis and Miss Spratt!) the opportunity to show off their abilities.  Congratulations go to individual winners Ryan Robson-Bluer and Mark Megarry.  Members of the public had the opportunity to witness Regent at its weirdest, as pupils ran round the maze in pursuit of the committee members, who were dressed as various food items – with even a cockroach for Bear Grylls courtesy of Saul Rooney!