By Victoria Cairns

What do potatoes and plastic have in common? This is not a bad joke, I promise.

On Tuesday 6th October I ventured into Science club to join Mrs Yeates, my fellow sixth formers and a group of inquisitive junior school pupils to embark on a quest to find out what actually do potatoes and plastic actually have in common.

Our afternoon started with a safety brief as everyone located a pair of safety glasses and listened patiently to Mrs Yeates. Once finished, the room filled with excited murmurs as the junior pupils set to work grinding down the potatoes. With a sixth form leader the pupils worked through their instructions and were soon able to extract starch from the potatoes.

Our afternoon was running smoothly as the buzz of discovery echoed throughout the room. The starch was boiled and soon a spectrum of colours was filling the beakers. Pinks, yellows and greens soon appeared as the excited junior pupil’s added glitter and poured their newly formed plastic into their moulds.

So what does plastic and potatoes have in common?  Ask one of our junior scientists!