By Jordan Branagh

On Friday 4th December, the Year 13 Government and Politics class attended the annual AS level Politics Conference at Queen’s University, Belfast. The event was hosted by the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy. The Head of School, Professor David Phinnemore, welcomed the class to the conference.

The conference took the format of two lectures on aspects of local politics which are relevant to AS Module One which is a study of the politics of Northern Ireland. As well as listening to the lectures, the Year 13 students also listened to current undergraduates who shared their experiences of study and life at university.

In the first lecture, Professor John Barry focused on power-sharing in Northern Ireland and the differences in the Northern Ireland Assembly before and after suspension. In the second lecture, Dr Peter McLoughlin focused on the rise of the DUP and Sinn Fein to become the two largest political parties in Northern Ireland in recent years.

The conference contributed greatly to the political knowledge of Northern Ireland that the Year 13 Government and Politics class has and gave an insight into university life.