In the last academic year some of Y8C spent 10 weeks participating in a Sentinus programme called Engineering Futures. Under the direction of Mr Rolt, an undergraduate from Queen’s University, the pupils designed and built futuristic vehicles. 

The 15 pupils who took part in the scheme, run during Technology, were awarded their Bronze Crest Award. Four pupils, Anastacia Beattie, Edie Crawford, Charlie McClements and Ethan McCoy were judged by Dr O’Hara from Sentinus to have the best design and the best presentation. These pupils, along with Mrs McIlwaine, attended the Sentinus Young Innovators award ceremony, held at UUJ on 23rd June. Although the team didn’t gain further success with their design it was a very interesting and valuable day. The pupils took part in workshops and were interviewed by a wide range of judges from local industry. 

Ethan McCoy, Charlie McClements, Edie Crawford and Anastacia Beattie