Our school council representatives strive to improve the school experience for everyone at Regent House.  The representatives listen to and report back on the views and suggestions of their peers and help to make important decisions which affect the school community.  We have had a busy first term, discussing a wide range of issues such as non-uniform days, extra-curricular activities, canteen requests and what makes a good lesson.

Your voice matters – speak to your school council representative today.

Junior School

8A William Plank
8B Charlotte Magill
8C Lucy Martin
8D Rosalind Jameson
8E Cameron Muir
8F Korah Thompson
8G Pharell Moore

9A Sophie Francis
9B Thomas Hagan
9C Zac Irvine
9G Gary Harrison

10A Andrew Donnelly
10B Corey Browne
10D Oliver Cunningham
10E Simon Matchett
10F Reece Brown

Senior School

11A CampbellBrown
11B Jacob Caughey


Alastair Deering
Lucy Octave

12A Amy Alexander
12B Anna Brown
12C Sam Crooks
12D Philip Harrison
12F Alex Mulree
12G Ben Redden
12H Sian Vance

13A Hannah Adams
13B Robyn Scott
13C Ashleigh McKee
13D Hannah Taylor
13E Victoria McArthur
13F Louise Bickerstaffe
13G Rebekah Miskimmin
13H Ethan Bradley

14A Naomi Dickson
14B Zach Hickey
14C Luca da Silva
14D Andrew McKee
14E Jordan Clarke
14F Tori Preece
14H Peter Quinn