Year 12 Careers Information Day was run on 23rd February to enable our Year 12 pupils to make fully informed decisions regarding their A level choices and future career pathways.

Activities included – Mock Interview with CV (Armed Forces), Subject Talks (Year 13 and 14 pupils), QUB Talk, CAFRE Talk, Employment and Volunteering Talks, Careers Quiz and Individual Subject Choice Interview.

Dr Hall would like to thank everyone who helped make this event a great success but especially all of our amazing Sixth Form pupils who presented each A level subject with knowledge, honesty and , of course, humour!

Subject Choice Interviews were conducted by Mr Carville, Mrs Haugh, Mrs Taylor andMr McGonigle as well as career staff.
Pupils completed a Careers Quiz to identify their skill set and get career ideas.
Six members of the Armed Forces guided by Marti McConnell interviewed all of our Year 12 pupils (in groups of 3 or 4) for a part-time job in a local hotel.
Talks were given by QUB (HE Options), CAFRE (FE and alternative Pathways), Mark Huddleston -NI Commissioner for Employment and Skills (Skills Currently Sought by Employers)as well as Volunteer Now and Orchardville Society (Skill Development through Volunteering). 
Mrs Adgey and Mr Lowry also presented information on some of our new A level subjects.
Almost 40 of our Sixth Form pupils volunteered to present a short PowerPoint about each A level subject before answering questions from each group of Year 12 pupils.