If you're having difficulty with your mathematics find teacher help here:

Monday                3.20 pm      B6FM
Wednesday        12.55pm      B9GCSE

Wednesday        12.55 pm      B9         GCSE
Thursday             3.20 pm       B2/B6   FM

Mon/Tues          12.55 pm      B7
Thursday            3.20 pm       B9 

or speak to your class teacher

Once you go off on study leave there will also be a Maths teacher available at the following times:

Year 12

Year 13/14

Class resources

  • Work through examples in notes
  • Work through classwork and homework questions
  • Re-do tests
  • Try Examination questions in textbook

Past-paper questions

www.ccea.org.uk for:

  • Past papers
  • Mark schemes
  • Examiner's reports

Online resources

Try these very useful websites: