Our intermediate netball team had an exciting and tight match against Banbridge Academy.

The pressure was on as it was our first match of the season and it was a Cup match. We were all very happy with how we played. Rebecca Marshall moved great and scored really nice shots. Paige Irvine was very accurate at shooting and held her space very well. Sophie Jakobsen worked extremely hard to get free and mark her player. Anna Stevenson also got free lots and helped outside the circle really well. Anya Miller was great at marking her player and getting free. Holly Thompson was really good at changing direction and moving quickly. Ellie O’Connor’s defending was great and she worked really hard in the circle. Lucy Mayne marked her player well and got some really nice interceptions. 


Overall, we are really happy with the result, 12-9 to Regent! And we hope to continue like this and improve as a team.