On Tuesday 7th February 2017, the Year 13 Politics class accompanied by Mrs Bailie and Mr Keys went on a trip to Stormont. Upon arrival, we were met by Ann- Marie Fleming, education officer for the Northern Ireland Assembly, took us to one of the classrooms where we had a revision session based on the NI Assembly and Executive. This proved extremely useful and it helped pupils see the chronology of events a Stormont and how effective it has been.

We were then joined by the clerk for the Committee for the Executive Office whom we were able to question about her opinion on how effective committees were and if she foresaw any changes in the next term of the Assembly. Unfortunately, we were not able to meet with an MLA’s due to dissolution but we did have the opportunity to tour both the Senate Chamber and Assembly Chamber. Again we learnt about some more of the history of the building and some valuable information that could be used in our essays. 

It was both an interesting and worthwhile trip with every pupil benefitting from the information we were given. 

Aaron Addidle