The Regent House community recently received some good news when we learnt that two of our Year 14 pupils from 2017-2018, Aisling Rafter and Samuel Hanan, had each been awarded the coveted JP McManus All Ireland Scholarship.

The All Ireland Scholarship Programme commenced in 2008. The value of each scholarship is set at £5,500 per annum for recipients from Northern Ireland and continues for the duration of the undergraduate studies undertaken by the scholarship winners.

Aisling is a past winner of the Nuffield Crest Gold Award for a research project carried out at Queen’s University, Belfast. She has now commenced her studies in Medicine at Glasgow University.

Meanwhile Samuel has recently commenced his studies in Engineering Design at Bristol. Both recipients learnt of the All Ireland Scholarship Programme through its publicity in school as part of the Careers and Gifted and Talented programmes.

Everyone at Regent House wishes Aisling, Samuel and their peers from the class of 2018 every success as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey.