I had a truly fantastic experience working on a short film just before half-term. 
I was cast in the title role, which meant that I had to work very hard over the three day shoot. 
Filming took place in Donaghadee, which was really lovely as it was nice being so close to home for a change! 
Early starts and late finishes by the beach meant that it could get very cold, but luckily, the wardrobe team were always on hand with hot water bottles, pocket warmers and fleecy coats. 
In the film, we all worked to a tight time schedule so we could take advantage of the amazing “Blue Hour”, which is when the sky has a lovely deep blue hue (which looks amazing on camera!) 


Unfortunately, the Blue Hour only lasts for about 45 minutes twice a day, so there definitely was a bit of pressure to get some scenes finished. 
I felt incredibly lucky to work with such a talented, kind and helpful crew, and hopefully I’ll be involved in projects with them in the future.
The short film will be premiered in Los Angeles and in Belfast, and I can’t wait to see it! 

Erin Kendrick

Stills photography by Michael Hooley