Corey: Due to our interest in joining the Reserves as musicians, Patrick and I were invited to perform alongside the Royal Regiment of Scotland Military Band as well as the Royal Irish Regiment Band in the Waterfront Hall. There were other young musicians invited from different schools too, all of whom were extremely talented. After the Scottish Band came to Regent House for a concert with the Senior Wind Band and Chamber Choir, it definitely sparked my interest for a future career.

We had two rehearsals on the Friday and Saturday before the concert, and it gave us both time to get to know the soldiers playing alongside us, as well as the challenging and technical repertoire; all of which were at a Grade 7+ standard. The concert in the Waterfront Hall was for a soldiers charity and was played for an audience of around 2,000 people. Overall I enjoyed my time there and it was great experience for a career in the Army reserves as a musician.

Patrick: It was a great experience getting to play inside of one of Northern Ireland’s biggest venue along side such talented and high standard musicians.