In the UKMT Intermediate Mathematics Challenge in February 2018 we were pleased that 5 pupils gained a Gold Certificate; James McNinch, Paige Irvine, Josh Thompson, Tom Myles (all Year 12) and Hana Oya-Knight (Year 10). There were a further 16 silver and 9 bronze certificates awarded. 

Four of our pupils scored highly enough to be invited to take part in the next round of challenges.  James, Paige and Josh from year 12, qualified for and completed the Pink Kangaroo and Hana participated in the Grey Kangaroo. We are delighted that Hana was awarded a Qualification Certificate, whilst James and Paige both came in the top 25% of students who took part and are awarded a Merit Certificate

Pink and Grey Kangaroo participants March 2018.
Paige Irvine [12], Hana Oya-Knight [10], James McNinch [12]
Josh Thompson [12] absent