Some changes are coming to the Regent House school uniform - but will be phased in a way to not present additional costs to parents / guardians

This is part of our current school development plan and has been developed in consultation with the Senior School Council. The changes were formally approved by the Board of Governors and our recognised uniform stockists have been informed.

1. School badge

We are changing the badge on the school blazer (and other garments which still use the old-style badge). This change will affect all pupils throughout the school, including our Preparatory Department, and is the final stage of bringing the blazer crest into line with the newer version (see the RH crest to the right) which is currently used for our sportswear and on our official school documents.


This change will be implemented from September 2019. During the phasing-in period the older style school badge will be permitted throughout the next two academic years until the end of June 2021.

2. Sixth Form Tie

We are also introducing a new sixth form tie to distinguish our sixth form pupils (for pupils in Year 13 and 14 only) from the rest of the pupil body. The style of new tie remains quite similar to the ordinary school tie but you will notice a few subtle differences.

The sixth form tie will be sold by our recognised stockists and will be in use from September 2019 onwards. During the phasing-in period, sixth form pupils are permitted to wear the normal school tie during the next two academic years until the end of June 2021.

We look forward to these uniform changes in September. The blazers and ties are expected to be available from our recognised uniform stockists from June 2019 at the latest.

MC Carville