Enabling all pupils to achieve their academic potential through a broad and balanced curriculum.

Pupils are offered a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which will empower them to recognise and achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

Whilst we mainly offer a range of Applied and General GCE A levels, we also offer some other awards such as: Double Award A levels, BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma, and Cambridge Technical Diplomas.

Subjects Offered

  • Art & Design

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Classical Civilisation

  • Drama & Theatre Studies

  • Economics

  • English Literature

  • French

  • Further Mathematics

  • Geography

  • German

  • Government & Politics

  • Health & Social Care

  • History

  • Information Technology

  • Journalism

  • Mathematics

  • Music

  • Nutrition & Food Science

  • Physical Education

  • Physics

  • Professional Business Services

  • Religious Studies

  • Sport

  • Spanish

  • Technology and Design

  • Travel & Tourism

In Sixth Form pupils study three or four A level subjects. Pupils also access an extensive choice of Physical Education options, comprehensive Careers Education and a wide and varied General Studies programme.

General Studies is timetabled weekly and pupils will have a range of options to choose from these change from year to year but examples include: First aid, archery, current affairs, debating, cooking, learning a new language, ICT skills, etc.

Sixth Form Students in Class

Overview of Entry Requirements 2019-20

There is a general entry requirement for Year 13. Pupils must have a minimum of six passes at Grade C or higher in full GCSE subjects and have attained a score of at least 12 points, based on the following equivalences:

Full Courses

A* in GCSE subject = 4 points

A in GCSE subject = 3 points

B in GCSE subject = 2 points

C in GCSE subject = 1 point

Short Courses

A*/A in GCSE subject = 2 points

B in GCSE subject = 1 point

C in GCSE subject = 0 points


Subject Choice Booklet

In addition to the minimum criterion above, pupils must also satisfy the entry requirements for the subjects they choose. 

These are summarised below with full details in the Subject Choice Booklet available for download as a PDF.

SubjectMinimum GCSE Entry RequirementsAlternative (if subject has not been studied at GCSE level)
Applied ScienceB in Biology or B in ChemistryBB in Double Award Science
Art & DesignB in Art & DesignB in English and an interview with Head of Department. A portfolio of evidence may be required.
BiologyA in BiologyAA in Double Award Science
ChemistryA in ChemistryAA in Double Award Science
Drama & Theatre StudiesB in Drama B in English OR B in English Literature
EconomicsB in Business Studies OR B in EconomicsA in English OR A in Maths
English LiteratureB in English LiteratureA in English Language
FrenchB in French (all components must have been taken at Higher Level)
GeographyB in Geography
GermanB in German (All components must have been taken at Higher Level)
Government & PoliticsB in History OR B in English Literature
Health & Social Care (and Double Award)B in Home Economics OR B in Home Economics: Child DevelopmentB in Biology or Chemistry or BB in Double Award Science
HistoryB in History B in English Literature
Introductory Diploma in IT (Cambridge Technical Level 3)B in ICT B in English
JournalismB in JournalismB in English
Mathematics2-tier GCSE Mathematics: Grade A. It is essential that pupils have studied the CCEA T4 module or the equivalent in a different Board.If CCEA Mathematics has not been studied, an interview with Head of Department is essential.
Further MathsA* in Mathematics and A* in Further Mathematics.Anyone with lower grades who is interested should be interviewed by the Head of Department.
MusicA good pass in Grade 5 Music theory from ABRSM (75%). A good pass at Grade 5 on any instrument or voice (120/150). A good pass at Grade 5 on any instrument or voice (120/150).A meeting with the Head of Department is necessary. Pupils may have to undertake an informal practical assessment and/or short theory test.
Nutrition & Food ScienceB in Home Economics (CCEA)B in English or one of the Science subjects
PhysicsA in PhysicsAA in Double Award Science.
Professional Business ServicesB in Business Studies OR B in EconomicsB in English OR B in Maths
Religious StudiesB in R.E. (full OR short course)
SpanishB in Spanish (All components must have been taken at Higher Level)
Sports Science & Active Leisure IndustryB in Physical Education
Diploma in Sport Double Award BTEC Level 3B in English
Technology & DesignB in Technology & Design and an Art/Graphics ability
Travel & Tourism BTEC Level 3 B in Business Studies, Economics, History, Geography or GCSE LLWB in Mathematics or English if pupils have not studies Business Studies, Economics, History, Geography or LLW at GCSE Level.