Head of Department

Mrs S McIlwaine

Subject Teachers

Mr R Coulter
Mr G Knox
Mr G Woodcock


Mr W Clark    



  • Electronics
  • Mechanisms
  • Pneumatics
  • Computer Control
  • ICT


  • Use of Computer Aided Design with SolidWorks
  • Use of freehand and formal drawing techniques

Why study Technology and Design?

Technology and Design has a massive impact on modern living! We rely very heavily on Technology in everyday life. It affects our recreational time, the way we communicate, our health, our transportation, in essence it is the very fabric of our society. 

At Regent House we seek to build upon the foundations laid at primary schools by studying various aspects of Technology. Technology and Design is compulsory for all pupils in Year 8 - 10. We then offer a choice of Technology or Electronics at GCSE level. Completing our portfolio is AS and A2 Technology and Design.

Accommodation and Resources

We have three fully equipped workshops, two systems rooms, a CAD/CAM suite and a planning room. The systems rooms are equipped with 20 computers each. We are also fortunate to have both a CNC router and a laser cutter enabling us to produce high quality products.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Technology and Design department offers two extracurricular activities. Please click on the link below for more information.

Key Stage 3

Year 8 Units of Work

  • Safety
  • Basic electronics
  • Design and manufacture
  • Basic graphics
  • Mechanisms (including resistant material - wood)


Year 9 Units of Work

  • Safety
  • Presentation graphics
  • Mechanisms (including resistant material - metal)
  • CAD - SolidWorks
  • Computer control - Logicator


Year 10 Units of Work

  • Safety
  • Design communication
  • Electronic product design (including resistant material - plastic)
  • Computer control - Genie PICs
  • Workshop skill

We enjoy using products in our daily lives that have been designed, by the designer going through a process. It is that process we study in school to gain experience of following that process to a successful conclusion. Inevitably pupils design and make their own products from an identified problem. These products are evaluated and modifications suggested.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Technology and Design

At Regent House pupils have the opportunity to study either CCEA Technology & Design or AQA Electronics:

We follow the CCEA Technology and Design specification, studying Unit 2: Electronic and Microelectronic Control Systems as our option. 

Year 11 pupils undertake their Unit 1 Written Exam and their Unit 4 Controlled Assessment (Design Task). The following areas of study are in Unit 1:

  • Manufacturing
  • Electronic control
  • Computer control
  • Mechanical control

In Year 12, pupils are asked to complete their second Unit 5 Controlled Assessment (Design Project) where they design and make their own system. The controlled assessment aspect of the course is worth 60% of the total marks.  

GCSE Electronics

We offer AQA Electronics which allows pupils to develop an increased awareness of the social and economic aspects of electronics and of its impact on today’s multicultural society.

This specification has been designed with a systems approach in mind and pupils have the opportunity to gain a substantial element of practical work and ‘hands-on’ experience in order to promote a deeper understanding, as well as a broader appreciation of potential applications.

  • Areas of study:
  • Electrical safety
  • System design
  • Information system processing
  • The science of components
  • Applications of electronic systems
  • Practical skills and processes

All accreditation for the course will take place in Year 12, with one written exam and one controlled assessment. The controlled assessment aspect of the course is worth 25% of the total marks.  

AS and A2 Level

We also follow the CCEA specification at AS and A2 level, again studying the Electronic and Microelectronics option.  Coursework is still fundamental to the subject and is worth 50% in both Year 13 and Year 14. Pupils studying A level Technology at Regent House have the opportunity to use cutting edge materials and machinery, like the laser cutter and the CNC router.

Course Content

AS Level

Unit 1: 

Product Design and Systems and Control

Section A - Product Design and Practices

Section B - Electronic and Microelectronic Control Systems

Unit 2: 

Coursework: Product Development

A2 Level

Unit 1:

Systems and Controls

Section A - Electronic and Microelectronic Control Systems

Unit 2:

Coursework: Product-System, Design and Manufacture