Parents and prospective may find the attached information about afternoon bus routes helpful. More information has been requested from the Education Authority.

Bus   Bus destination

  1. Comber
  2. (No longer used)
  3. Bangor
  4. Bangor
  5. Millilse via Moss Road
  6. Millilse via Donaghadee
  7. Express to Kircubbin, Rubane, Coast Rd, Portavogie and Cloughey
  8. Greyabbey, Kircubbin, Roden St, Glastry and Ballyhalbert
  9. Dunover Rd, Carrowdore, Ballyblack Rd, Teal Rocks
  10. Board bus to Greyabbey, Ballywalter, Westland Rd.