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January 2019 Exam Timetables

Note - The Year 12 Chemistry Exam will now last for 1h 45min.

Revision Lists - Summer 2019

These revision lists will be available towards the end of the academic year and are to help guide pupils to the units / topics that will be assessed in their end-of-year exams.  If further clarification is needed, pupils should speak to their subject teacher in the first instance.

Subject Overviews 2018-19

These documents feature the topics that each year group will follow.

Tracking Assessments 2019-20

Please be advised that these are guidelines and assessments may be subject to change as the year progresses.

Exam Boards

Curriculum Overview & Subject Choice

Regent Houses offers to all pupils a broad balanced relevant curriculum. We aim to empower our pupils to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

Key Stage 3

The curriculum for Key Stage 3 is set out in nine Areas of Learning:


Mathematics and Financial Capability

The Arts: Art and Design, Music and Drama

Learning for Life & Work: Home Economics, Personal Development, Local and Global Citizenship and Employability

Modern Languages: French, German (not Yr8) and Spanish (not Yr8)

Environment & Society: Geography and History

Science and Technology: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Technology

Physical Education

Religious Education

In addition pupils in Year 8 - 10 will study Information Technology. 

Through all of the subjects our curriculum includes opportunities for the development of the Cross-Curricular Skills (Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT) and the Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities (Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making; Self-Management; Working With Others; Managing Information; and Being Creative).

Entering Key Stage 4

Entering Key Stage 5

For more information please contact Mrs K Taylor Vice Principal Curriculum.