We are keen to ensure that parents and pupils have access to our school policies and procedures. Below you will find downloadable versions of the most commonly requested policies and documents.

Pastoral Care Policy


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2019-2020 Menu & Price List coming soon!

Child Protection Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Special Needs and Inclusion Policy

Attendance Policy

E-Safety Policy

Code of Conduct

Positive Behaviour Policy

Dress Code and Uniform

Honours Policy

Literacy Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Medicine Administration Policy

Parental Visits to School

Relationships and Sexual Education

Intimate Care Policy

Use of Images and Digital recording Policy

School Cafeteria Menu and Price List 2019-2020

Draft Policies for Consultation

The following policies are in draft and are published for consultation. Parents are requested to send their feedback to the school via email to office@regenthouse.org.uk or using our contact form.

Drugs Policy