Our Pastoral Team

Heads of School

Senior School

- Miss L Callendar

Middle School

- Mr D Thompson

Junior School

- Mr A Matchett

Heads of Year

Year 8 (Boys): Miss C Beattie
Year 8 (Girls): Miss P Thompson

Year 9 (Boys): Mr G Woodcock
Year 9 (Girls): Mrs R Gardiner

Year 10 (Boys): Mr N Gamble
Year 10 (Girls): Miss K McNeilly

Year 11 (Boys): Mr M Mahood
Year 11 (Girls): Mrs H Donaghy

Year 12 (Boys): Miss L Semple
Year 12 (Girls): Miss P Wallace

Year 13 (Boys): Mr R Coulter
Year 13 (Girls): Miss E Green

Year 14 (Boys): Dr F Morrison
Year 14 (Girls): Mrs E Moles

Our Safe-guarding Team

Mrs Haugh  -Pastoral VP

Mrs Haugh -Pastoral VP

Mrs Sloan - Senior Teacher (Pastoral)

Mrs Sloan -
Senior Teacher (Pastoral)

Mr Matchett Deputy Designated Teacher  Head of Junior School

Mr Matchett
Deputy Designated Teacher

Head of Junior School

Mr Carville Deputy Designated Teacher  Headmaster

Mr Carville
Deputy Designated Teacher


Our Vice Principal, Mrs Haugh is the school's Designated child protection / safe-guarding teacher.

Video Gallery

The Pastoral Care programme in Regent supports the academic, social and personal well-being of all our pupils. The videos in our gallery page have been developed by our child protection partners across the UK and provide information on the main threats to children today. The page features over twenty videos, dealing with issues such as child protection, self harm, relationships, cyber-bullying and eating disorders. 

Providing a glimpse of the high quality content available on our Video Gallery page,  this video helps parents and guardians understand how children and young people can be groomed online and what they can do to protect their child in the spaces they inhabit.

Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is very important to us in Regent House.  The Student Council meets every month to discuss current issues, and plan future improvements and disseminate training to peers.  Please complete the attached application form if you wish to be considered for interview, and submit to Mrs Ferguson or to Mrs Haugh

Useful Publications 

Click on the pictures below to access information booklets developed by our various child protection agencies.


Pastoral Policies

Our school policies aim to provide staff, pupils, parents and guardians with clear information about the organisation and ethos of Regent House and the standards of behaviour expected by all members of its community. These policies enable us to work together to do the best by those in our care. If you cannot find the policy you are looking for, please contact us.

Pupil Counselling Service

Regent House School has 2 part-time counsellors.  Referral to these can be made by pupils in the school or parents by contacting a member of the pastoral team.