The role of our academic staff is to ignite curiousity, imagination and a passion for learning in all our pupils. The breadth of the curriculum at the school is supported by a cast of teachers that are always keen to share pupils’ interests and to promote their learning and welfare.  

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Senior Leadership

Mr M Carville  Headmaster

Mr M Carville

Mr S McGonigle  Vice Principal

Mr S McGonigle
Vice Principal

Mrs K Taylor  Vice Principal

Mrs K Taylor
Vice Principal

Mrs J Haugh  Vice Principal

Mrs J Haugh
Vice Principal


Senior Teachers

Mr P Lowry
Mr M Lowry
Mr E Conway
Mrs J Sloan

Assistant Senior Teachers

Miss E Green


Heads of School

Key Stage 3: Mr A Matchett

Key Stage 4: Mr D Thompson

Key Stage 5: Miss L Callendar

Heads of Year

Year 8 (Boys): Miss C Beattie

Year 8 (Girls): Miss P Thompson

Year 9 (Boys): Mr G Woodcock

Year 9 (Girls): Mrs R Gardiner

Year 10 (Boys): Mr N Gamble

Year 10 (Girls): Miss K McNeilly

Year 11 (Boys): Mr M Mahood

Year 11 (Girls):Miss H Armstrong

Year 12 (Boys): Miss L Semple

Year 12 (Girls): Miss P Wallace

Year 13 (Boys): Mr R Coulter

Year 13 (Girls): Miss E Green

Year 14 (Boys): Dr F Morrison

Year 14 (Girls): Mrs E Moles

Head of Department: Mrs G McCullough

Mrs K Bell
Mrs K A Roberts
Mr G Woodcock


Head of Department: Dr J Weston

Miss R Rawdon
Mrs H McConkey P/T
Miss C Beattie
Mrs P Fyfe P/T
Dr F Morrison


Head of Department: Dr S Collins

Miss R Rawden
Miss R McMillen

Head of Department: Miss K Edgar 

Miss E Green
Mr M Vance
Mr N Purvis
Dr S Collins

Head of Department: Mr J Peden

Miss H Armstrong

Head of Department: Miss F Aiken

Mr M Mahood

Mr S McCready

Head of Department: Mr E Conway (senior teacher)

Mrs R Brown
Mr S McGonigle (Vice Principal)
Miss R McMillan

Head of Department: Mrs P Mallagh

Mrs E Allen
Mrs E Coulter/Mrs K A Donnachie
Mrs M McCann
Mrs M McCormick
Mrs E Moles
Mrs R Nash
Mrs R Robinson
Miss P Thompson
Mr P Fitzsimons

Head of Department: Mrs H Houston

Mr D Thompson [Head of Middle School]
Mrs J Haugh (Vice Principal)
Mrs G Preece/Mrs V Burrows

Head of Department: Mr M Lowry (senior teacher)

Mrs C Bailie (P/T)
Mrs C Murphy (P/T)
Mrs L Shields (P/T)

Head of Department: Mrs C Majury

Mrs E Cochrane (P/T)
Miss K McNeilly
Miss L Semple

Head of Department: Mrs G Brown

Mrs S Aiken
Miss L Callender (Head of Senior School)
Mrs A Daniells (P/T)
Mrs C Evans
Miss F Lamrock
Mr C Armstrong (P/T)
Mrs K Taylor (Vice Principal)
Mrs R Turney

Head of Department: Mr J Peden

Mrs J Sloan (Senior Teacher)
Mrs R Gardiner
Mrs L Hutton
Mrs J Ferguson
Mr A Matchett (Head of Junior School)
Mrs C Sterritt
Miss P Wallace

Head of Department: Mrs H McIvor

Mrs H McMordie/Mrs S Greer
Mrs K Mort

Head of Department: Mr D Robb

Mr P Lowry (Senior Teacher)

Mrs L Crothers (P/T)
Mr N Gamble
Miss H Watson
Mrs R Mitchell-Cram

Head of Department: Miss L Colgan

Dr K Quinn
Mrs J Moore
Mrs S Kennoway
Miss S Ritchie (SENCO)
Miss R Bell


Head of Department: Mr R Banks

Miss R Gamble

Head of Department: Mrs S McIlwaine

Mr R Coulter
Mr G Woodcock
Mr A Barrett

P/T indicates part-time.